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Monday, August 21, 2006

Kuwait Airways Set to Resume Flights to Beruit

Kuwait Airways has Stated on Monday, 22nd of August, will soon resume flights to Beruit's Rafik Al-Hariri Int. Airport. The statement by the Director of Public Relations and Media - Mr. Adel Mohammed Boresly announced that Kuwait Airways Corporation was in constant contact with Lebanese authorities to work out necessary arrangements for resuming KAC flights to Al-Hariri Airport as soon as possible. Mr. Boresly indicated that this announcement will be made in the following days regarding the timing of resuming operations. He added that all necessary preparations to resume normal flights were being made by Corporations operational departments as soon as the air blockade is lifted and he also assured that Kuwait Airways flights would hover over the Lebanese skies once again.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

United Arab Emirates Air Force to Upgrade AH-64A Apache to D standard

It has been confermed that the United Arab Emirates Air Force (UAEAF) as agreed preliminarily to a contract to upgrade there AH-64A Apaches to D stanadars. The details of the contract are still unknown, but it will most surely contain the purchase of the Fire/Forget Hell Fire anti-armour missile.

It is also known that the Kuwait Air Force (KAF) has received it AH-64Ds, but they havent been seen in service yet. It is Known though that they have taken several flights over Kuwait. The KAF orderd 16 airframes in a contract that contained the training, airframes, spare parts and engines, and 8 BAe Longbow radars and hell fire missiles. Thes AH-64Ds are a replacement for the Current SA-432K Gazzalles which play the anti-armour role for the KAF.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Three Gulf States to Upgrade C-130 Hercules

Boeing has announced early August that three Arbian Gulf states plan to upgrade there C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft. The States of Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are planning diffrent upgrades to suite each of the state's requirments.

As for the State of Kuwait, the Kuwait Air Force (KAF) currently owns three L-100-30 (Civil version of the C-130) and is planning to upgrade them to Military standards. The KAF is also expected to upgrade the cockpit equipment, but it has not stated so. The first Delivery of the L-100s to Kuwait started in 1972, they were later returned to McDonnell Douglas for newer airframes in 1982.

The United Emirates Air Force currently owns around 6 C-130s of diffrent versions, and there upgrades are known. As for the Royal Saudi Air Force, it operates around 160 C-130s also of diffrent versions, and also these upgrades are unknown.

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